Other Victims

Modern theories suggest that a serial killer would not suddenly 'start' with killing, in his locale and with his final modus operendi, but is likely to either 'build up' to a murder or 'practice' murder elsewhere. Also, perhaps continue with his crimes elsewhere, when it became 'too hot' in Whitechapel. So, were there 'other' victims?

Emma Smith
Thought by some to be the 'first' victim (eg. Walter Drew), she was killed 3 April 1888 in Osborn Street, Whitechapel

Martha Tabram
Found on 7 April 1888 in George Yard, Whitechapel

Alice McKenzie
Found in Castle Alley on 17 July 1889, Dr Thomas Bond opined to Anderson "the murder was performed by the same person who committed the former series of Whitechapel murders"

Carrie Brown
'Old Shakespeare', a prostitute, was found murdered in a Manhattan, New York waterfront hotel on 23/24 April 1891. She was naked from the armpits, down; strangled and mutilated. An arab was sentenced for her murder, but later released after it was thought incriminating bloodstains in his room may have appeared after the coroner, police etc had tramped all over the place. Local press and police compared the killing with London's Jack the Ripper due to the way it was done.

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